Summer Camp Registration

Registration for summer camp begins in early April each year and must be done in person at the Recreation Center. Dates and times are printed in the spring / summer Recreation Brochure, released in February.

Summer Camp Payment

Annual Registration Fee: Due at registration (includes camp t-shirt)
Registering for less than 6 weeks: Full payment due at registration (including waitlist days)

Registering for 6 weeks or more:

  • Credit / debit card must be provided at registration
  • Eligible for installment payment plan.
    • June camp dates: payment due at registration (including waitlist days)
    • July camp dates: automatically charged on June 20th
    • August camp dates: automatically charged on July 20th

Required Forms

This information must be completed and returned to our office at least 3 business days prior to your child's first day of camp. No exceptions, this is a state-licensing requirement.

Important Information

Parent Manual (PDF) please read, as all policies and procedures are outlined.

Winter Camp Registration

You may register your child for winter break Sun Camp as early as August during fall program registration, coinciding with the release of the Fall-Winter Recreation Guide.

Winter Camp Payment

Full payment due at registration. Annual registration fee must be paid if summer camp was not attended in the same year