2022 Wheat Ridge Mural Contest

Calling all emerging artists in Wheat Ridge and surrounding communities! 

In 2022, Wheat Ridge Parks & Recreation, in partnership with the Wheat Ridge Cultural Commission, opens up the opportunity to 13 emerging artists to have their artwork showcased in the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center! 

There will be two divisions to the contest: emerging artists under the age of 18, and emerging artists 18+. 

Artist must be of emerging or amateur status and must be 18 or younger and enrolled in school for the youth contest, and 18 and older for the adult contest. Applicants may only participate in one age group.

Youth Division:

In the Youth Division, artists are invited to create works of art under the theme "Nature and Advocacy for our Planet".

Selected works of art will be placed inside the Children’s Pavilion castle; there is available curved wall space for four murals (41” W x 54.5” H) and two murals (30” W x 54.5” H). 

Adult Division 

In the Adult Division, artists are invited to create works of art under the theme "In this Together" incorporated with themes of movement. 

Selected works of art will be placed in the leisure pool area; there are four flat wall spaces (47” W x 80” H), another larger flat wall space (62” W x 80’’ H) and two curved wall spaces (54” W x 80” H & 51” W x 80”H). 

Contest Logistics 

  • 6 youth artists and 7 adult artists will be chosen from each division for a total of 13 artists. 
  • If submission is selected, artists will be invited to attend a planning and prep session to make sure participants understand where they are painting and to determine supplies needed. 
  • All artists will have five days to complete their murals and prepare for award selection. Artists will complete paintings from March 12th - 16th. 
  • General paint supplies (paints, brushes, tarps) will be provided by the Cultural Commission, but artists are welcome to bring their own.


All 13 artists will receive a $200 stipend, and 1st-3rd place in both divisions will receive additional prizes: 

  • First Place – One Wheat Ridge Recreation Center Annual Pass (value $269-$429)
  • Second Place – Three 10 Punch Cards to the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center (value $34-$69)
  • Third Place – One 10 Punch Card to the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center (value $34-$69)


While it is the intent to leave murals for the community to enjoy for one-year from date of award (April 2022 - April 2023), Wheat Ridge Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to remove a mural for any reason at any time. 

How to Apply

Sketch drawings of the selected theme will be required. Parameters include but are not limited to, no nudity, gang-related, violence, political themes, etc. Artist sketches will be selected and determined by artistic quality that fits the Recreation Center community feel and branding.

  • Artist must follow Timeline of Execution to be considered for the contest. All submissions must be submitted  by February 4th, 2022. 
  • Sketches meeting selected theme requirements will be submitted to the selection committee for selection process. Selection committee with include judges from the Wheat Ridge community, Jefferson County schools, Cultural Commission and City staff. 
  • Artist will be contacted within a maximum of 30 days after the submission to be notified if they have been chosen to be a part of the contest.

Submissions open January 7th - February 4th, 2022.