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1. Why is there an annual registraiton fee?
2. Does everyone pay the registration fee?
3. How many kids can you accommodate?
4. My child is a returning camper, do we still get priority registration?
5. What is the Adventure Pass?
6. What is the cost of the Adventure Pass?
7. When can I register my child for the Adventure Pass?
8. If I arrive at 5:00 am on Friday, March 1 to register my child(ren) for the Adventure Pass, will they be guaranteed a spot?
9. Why did you create the Adventure Pass?
10. What if I don’t need to register my child(ren) for the whole summer? What if I only want to register my child for one week or one day per week?
11. When does daily registration begin?
12. If I arrive at 5:00 am on Tuesday, April 2 for daily registration will my child(ren) be guaranteed a spot?
13. What if I need to register one of my kids for the whole summer but the other for just a couple weeks?
14. If I register more than one child for the Adventure Pass do we get a sibling discount?
15. What if our plans change and we need to cancel, will we get a refund on the Adventure Pass?
16. If I register for the Adventure Pass and then make plans for a week vacation, do I need to cancel that week?
17. My kid(s)’ summer break starts May 24th, but camp doesn’t start until June 3rd… What is there for my kids to the first week of summer break?