Cancellation & Refund Policies

Cancellation, Refund & Transfer Policy

If you choose to withdraw from a recreation class, a refund or household credit will be issued when you submit a completed Registration Change Request Form (PDF) at least 48 hours prior to the first class meeting, and will be subject to a $5 service charge. Transfer requests should also be made at least 48 hours in advance; there is no service charge for transfers.

If a class is canceled or combined due to insufficient registration, you will be notified prior to the class start date and will receive a full refund, credit or transfer to another class. To minimize cancellations, we encourage you to register for programs at least one week prior to the start date.

Refunds will be applied as a credit to your household account unless otherwise requested. Household credit must be used within one year of the issue date. Refunds can also be issued via check or credit card; no cash refunds. Please allow up to three weeks for check refunds, and up to a week for credit card refunds.

Adult Trip Refund & Transfer Policy

If you choose to withdraw from an adult trip, a refund will be issued when a refund request is submitted by the cancellation deadline printed in the Recreation Guide; and will be subject to a $5 service charge.

If you would like to transfer your trip registration to another person, you must first notify the Active Adult Center at 303-205-7500. Your trip registration may only be transferred to another person if no waitlist exists. You must provide the name of the person you wish to transfer the trip to.