Prospect Park Renovation Phase II (2021 - 2022)


Prospect Park is a 39 acre community park in northwest Wheat Ridge.

The Prospect Park Redevelopment Master Plan will greatly enhance user experience at Prospect Park. 

View the Prospect Park Master Plan Narrative (PDF)

Prospect Park Phase 2 plan


The budget for the entire project is approximately $4 million dollars.

The Parks and Recreation Department was awarded two grants to help with the renovation:

  • $400,000 from Jefferson County Open Space for Phase I
  • $512,000 from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) for Phase II

The remaining cost for the project is funded by the City's Open Space Fund and Conservation Trust Fund (Lottery dollars).

Phase I Complete

The Prospect Park Master Plan was created to enhance user experience. A variety of improvements will serve to make existing activity areas more user friendly, and create new recreation opportunities throughout the park. Phase I was completed in 2018 and Phase II construction will begin soon. Learn more about phase I renovations here. 

Phase II Complete

Phase II construction included replacing the picnic pavilion, replacing the tennis court with pickleball courts, improving the road, parking lots, and sidewalks in the Park, replacing the eastern playground, and improving irrigation and landscaping throughout the Park. The City of Wheat Ridge, Farrington Construction Management, and Design Concepts partnered on this project.

Phase II renovations broke ground on November 15th, 2021. On Saturday, October 15th, the City officially re-opened the northern half of Prospect Park after almost a year of renovation work. The northern half brings six new pickleball courts to Wheat Ridge! Learn more about pickle ball court hours and policies for drop-in use here

The southern half of Prospect Park fully re-opened in mid-November 2022. The project was recognized with a state "Starburst Award" from the Colorado Lottery for leveraging lotter dollars to enrich our community. 

Prospect Park Starburst Award Recognition